Renowned across the planet for its fabulous footwear, Australian boot company Blundstone was founded in 1870 in Tasmania.
Transparence and ethics, combined with superior craftsmanship, have contributed to giving the brand an enviable reputation.
Blundstone boots and shoes distinguish themselves thanks to unsurpassed durability. In fact, they are more robust than they will ever have to be. All Blundstone shoes and boots offer unparalleled comfort, on top of being fully weatherproof. What’s more, the leather used to make Blundstone footwear comes from the best tanneries in the world.
Made in Tasmania, Australia, Blundstone boots showcase precious skill. The insoles absorb chocs and help reduce foot fatigue.
Whether its winter boots or the famous Blundstone gumboots, the Australian brand promises to deliver footwear suited for all landscapes and activities, without compromising on style.


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